Review Policy

The Quintessential Bibliophile is currently not accepting book review requests.

You can contact me via e-mail. Please keep these things in mind:

  • Format of Books I accept: Paperback. I don’t accept e-books. (Also, I’m based in India.)
  • Genres I do accept  – Crime Fiction, Mystery Thriller, Detective Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Literary Fiction, Contemporary, Young Adult, Fantasy, Inspirational, Psychology and Criminology.
  • Genres I do not accept: Erotica, Romance, Paranormal, Memoirs, Business, Self-Help Cooking, Parenting and Biographies.
  • I respond to every review request email. I don’t hesitate to say ‘No’  and deny the request. If the book doesn’t interest me, I don’t say yes to the requests. If I’m busy or have many books to review, I stop accepting the request and announce it on my blog.
  • I do not promise to write a positive review. My opinions are honest and if I don’t like the book, I give them poor rating.
  • I can publish the review on Goodreads (if you want me to do that).
  • Sometimes, I take months to just read the book. You can email me to ask about my progress.

In your email, please include these things:

  • Name of the author and the book
  • Link to the site of the author (if there is any)
  • Goodreads link of the book
  • A small teaser about the book.
  • Or, any information that you wish to send about the book

Guest Posting/Guest Blogging

  • The author can write on any topic of his/her choice (related to writing and the book)
  • Provide me with all the information of the author and the book like links, photograph and cover image.
  • I do not alter or reproduce guest post material without permission.
  • I have started inviting Book Bloggers for guest posting too. Feel free to email me if you want to write about book blogging, writing or books, in general.


  • I started this category to highlight some amazing book bloggers out there, who need appreciation.
  • Book Bloggers can drop me an email if they want to get featured on the blog.
  • I do Q/A with authors, only if I have read their book.

Book Blog Tours

  • If you want to do a blog tour with me, inform me a week earlier.
  • Your post will be the highlighted post of the day.
  • I don’t guarantee that I will reschedule. (If there are too many blog tour requests and I won’t be able to find a date.)
  • I don’t do Cover Reveals, Author Spotlight, Press Release, Book Sale or Q/A (as I haven’t read your book) for the book blog tour.
  • I only do Book Excerpts, Giveaways and Guest Post.

Contact me via email:

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