English  Literature Graduate. Bibliophile. Dog Person. Failed writer. Self-proclaimed Artist.

What is the blog about?

This blog is about anything related to books,writing, and art.

What will you find here?

Book Reviews,book recommendations, beautiful quotes, giveaways, some personal posts and sometimes, my dog’s pictures. 😉

Are discussions welcomed?

Yes, of course! They are. Discussions about the recent book you read or any blogging tip you’d like to share are welcomed.



6 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you for nominating me. You know, an another blogger too has nominated me. So I’ll be completing the task this weekend. College keeps me really busy.

  1. Where are you based out of? I am sure you’re from Dehradun, did your English major in DU. You used to be a regular listener of the western music programme JFU of AIR Rainbow 102.6 MHz. Aren’t you the same lady?

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