Blood Ink Fire Goodies

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you must have noticed some posts about Blood Ink Fire. Blood Ink Fire is a book of Young Adult genre, written by Ashley Mansour. I found her on Instagram when she was writing her book. She used to share her writing journey with her followers. After writing her book, she created a club named The Hundred, in which she invited 100 book bloggers. They read her work, motivated her, gave her the feedbacks and suggestions and especially, appreciated her for her amazing work. I was one of the members too.

Ashley invited the members to complete the book missions she had organised online related to her book (which were very interesting, I must tell you) and for every mission; she had a prize for the winner. I couldn’t complete all the missions because I got busy in my final exams but I did complete one or two missions. So I received my prize last month. I’m so excited. I received a bracelet with the quote of her book written over it ‘Keep the books alive’ and a handwritten note from her. She’s so sweet. ^_^


This is something which you must know about Ashley. She is a debut YA writer. When she started sharing about her writing journey online, she had no ties with any publishing house. So, all of it is hard work of her and her friend who helped her in organising the missions and launching the website. They did all the work. She recently announced that her book will be getting published this year by an Indie publisher. Wish her luck! You can find her on Instagram or Twitter.


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