Renewing the Blog

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I started this blog when I was in second year of my graduation. In those days, I spent most of my time working on it. I loved writing about books, posting quotes and clicking good pictures of books. After some months, I got my first book review request which made me obsessed with my blog. After some time, I got more requests. My inbox remained full of unread emails. Some were about reviews, some were about book tours. I loved it. I loved the fact that there were people out there who appreciated my efforts and loved my work. Through my blog, I have met many good authors with whom I’m still in contact. People’s appreciation kept me motivated.

Then, assignments happened, tests happened, and exams happened. Especially Literary Theory happened, which ate most of my time. That subject gave me sleepless time. I got busy in my studies because I had to do well in my finals. Due to which, I didn’t even review many books which were given to me by authors. I’m still many months behind my book review schedule. I didn’t completely neglect my blog but preferred to post less and offered many authors to do guest posts. My blog was the best thing that had happened to me during college years; I just couldn’t delete it and forget about it. Yeah, so I took some time off from the blog.

Nowadays, I do nothing (not really).  I have taken a break to figure some things out and to take some important decisions which could change my life forever. I have a lot of time to renew my blog. I have decided to bring back my beautiful book blog to life again. I want to make it just like it used to be. In fact, even better.

I’m sure you have noticed the new theme of my blog. Now, read on to know about more categories which I’m going to add this month.

Book Haul: I’m a bibliophile. I collect many books. Whenever I get to know about some new brilliant books, I can hardly resist myself from buying it. I buy so many books and I never thought about doing a book haul on my blog but things are changing now.

Monthly Wrap Ups: I take an oath that I’ll complete my Reading Challenge 2015 before 31st December of this year. I have to read 50 books. I’m almost done with 10 to 15 books. Yeah, I’m a very lazy person. The only thing that got me doing this is October. It’s the birthday month. October makes me cheerful, hehe. It’s full of optimism.

List: I’m sure bookworms would love to read list posts related to books.

Quote: Who doesn’t like quotes? I love them. I always have a quote written on my cupboard. Well, actually my wall used to be a proof of that too. I had my favourite Rumi’s quotes written over it. Then, I took it off. I’m renewing the main wall of my room too this year.

Interviews: This is my favourite category. Many authors did offer for such posts but I preferred to stay in my comfort zone and do either book excerpt or guest posts. I think it’s time I should add this category too.

Although, I did neglect my blog a little over the months but I never failed to follow other passionate book bloggers. Some are my favourites and I would love to feature them on my blog to showcase their talent and to appreciate their work. I’ll be including some other people too who are in some field related to book or stationery. You know the people who design those pretty bookish Mugs, T-shirt, bookmarks and journals. Don’t they need a little appreciation?

(If you are a book blogger or in some bookish field and want to get featured here, you can drop me a mail.)

Blogging Tips: I’m not so sure about this category but I think I have learnt a lot about book blogging during these last two years and there are people out there who want to do book blogging but hesitate because they don’t understand anything due to confusions. This occurred to me when a girl emailed me to know more about book blogging. I may not write posts on this category very often but occasionally, yes, I will.


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