Book Review: 21 Ways of Being Happy by Shama Patel

517xPWDl3bL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Title: 21 Ways of Being Happy

Author: Shama Patel

Genre: Non-Fiction

No. of Pages: 219


Happiness is a state of mind. Yes, it is. It is not a condition or situation that is presented to some and kept away from others. It is in our own hands to overcome guilt, self-pity, regret and anxiety to lead a fulfilling, happy life. Shama Patel, a professional psychologist, enlists the ways and tricks to stay happy, forever.

21 Ways of Being Happy is written with the aim of bringing you closer to yourself. It is a book that will help you charter the course of your life, your own way.


I don’t usually read self-help books but when Shama Patel asked me to review it, keeping in mind the wonderful cover, I couldn’t say No. Starting with the cover – it’s beautifully designed and the colors show positivity. Before moving forward, I should tell you about the author so you don’t feel like ‘Woah! Who is she telling us how to be happy?’

Shama Patel holds a Post Graduate degree in Marriage and Family Counselling. As a Psychologist, she has worked with mature adults, confused teenagers, senior citizens, alcohol and drug addicts, survivors of abuse and human trafficking, and has been associated with various NGOs working for underprivileged children.

In the book, she gives you 21 ways of being a happy person. The book is divided into 21 chapters in which she shares the stories of her patients and her personal experience when she was depressed and how she dealt with it. The author has included points to remember and important facts too. The book aims to bring you closer to yourself, to know your importance, to love yourself, to enjoy your company and stop self pitying and self-blaming. It aims at making you a happy person with a positive attitude. It teaches you that there is power in positivity.

I liked this book because it has a realistic outlook. Hearing the stories of her patients, you will realize that everyone is suffering from something. In our bad times, we might think that the other person’s life is perfect but it isn’t. You’d be able to relate to them. The language is very easy to read. It also has cartoons to keep the reader interested and to make reading more fun. I loved the book. I would definitely recommend it.



Do I recommend it?

Yes, you would love it. Reader of any age can read it to become a positive person in life.


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