Book Review: The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan


 Title: The Lover’s Dictionary

Author: David Levithan

Genre: Romance, Yound Adult, Contemporary

No. of Pages: 211

Synopsis: A modern love story told through a series of dictionary-style entries in a sequence of intimate windows into the large and small events that shape the course of a romantic relationship.

Review: I fell in love with the cover the moment I saw it online and I couldn’t resist buying it. Also, I was always curious to know why the book has been titled ‘The Lover’s Dictionary’.

The Lover’s Dictionary is a simple story of  a couple, narrated by the unnamed narrator, written in a dictionary form. He starts with the Alphabet A and starts telling you the story of his love life and his relationship with his girlfriend. He chooses every word very carefully to narrate the story. Every new word is the new chapter of the story.


What I like the most about this story is that it’s realistic. The author isn’t trying to paint a picture which is like a perfect fairy-tale. The story explores every different phase that comes into a relationship – when you’re in doubt, when you are nervous, time when you want to end things, times when you think that it’s almost over.

The story is not exceptionally good but it is the way how it is written which makes the book an exception, in an offbeat and unconventional manner. You will fall in love with David Levithan’s writing after reading this book.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. If you’re into romantic novels, then you must read this book. If you are like me, someone who likes to read realistic fiction but you’re not actually into romantic fiction, even then, you should read it because this is not your Nicholas Sparks type love story but a romantic novel written in an unconventional and poetic manner.



I have fallen in love with David Levithan’s writing and I’m gonna buy some more books written by him.

P.S. He re-tweeted my tweet in which I wrote about his book. I was in seventh heaven when I checked my notifications that day. ^_^


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