Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem.

I’m sure that many of you must have heard of this Latin phrase. It means seize the day. We all believe in the concept of living-every-moment-like-it’s-your-last. But do we? Do we live like it’s the last moment of our life?

I realized this thing when I got ill, a few months back. I don’t know what had happened to me. Even the doctor couldn’t say anything. I went to the hospital for some checkups and it was horrible, because hospitals are horrifying, in my opinion. Although it’s a place where people get healed or doctors save the patients’ lives but it’s also a place where people die, where people lose their loved ones, where a patient is unsure about his/her tomorrow. Scary, isn’t it?

That day was horrible. I was thinking what if they’ll tell me that I have cancer and I have just some months to live. (Okay. That sounds immature and stupid. Go, laugh.) Everything about me appeared fine but it wasn’t. I actually thought that I was going to die.

I got my medical reports, the next day. Thankfully, they were fine. But I realized one thing that day that we just sing this phrase carpe diem, carpe diem but we don’t really apply it in our life. That day, I thought, “Damn it! I cannot die so soon. I have to do so much in my life. I have to travel the world. I have to write a book. These were always my dreams. I wouldn’t even get a chance to live my dream or to work for it.”

I think that day my new life started.  I started to view my life with a new perspective.

The sudden realization came and I realized that life is actually very short. All the things that I had left unsaid came in front of my eyes and I realized that I should be more expressive because bottling up every emotion hadn’t really helped me in my relationships. Imagine yourself on your death bed, thinking about the things that you always wanted to say but never did or you couldn’t do it. But now, it’s too late.

That’s the thing with us; we take our loved ones for granted. We say mean things to them. We hurt them. Sometimes, we fail to express our love for them. Sometimes, it’s too late. We never realize that this could be their last day or ours.

So, don’t wait for the day when your doctor will tell you that you have cancer and then, the sudden realization that your life is too short and you have to live like there’s no tomorrow. But live now. Live in the present. Like it’s your last day. So, Carpe Diem.


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