Optimism and Hope

People who have been following me on this blog know very well that my world revolves around books. Books make me happy. Books give me different lives to live through different characters. Books give me an escape. People who are into reading often write too. They have this hidden talent of writing. Sometimes, it comes out through introspection that turns our thoughts into words in the form of quotes or poetry. Then, they gather the courage to write short stories when they have a story to tell.

I am one of these people. I’m an English Literature student. I read and analyze many books. My life revolves around literature. Yes! I write too. For years, I have been protecting my dream – to become a writer. When it comes to some creative field, people don’t encourage you to follow it as a career. You tell people that you want to be a singer or painter, the first sentence that comes out of their mouth includes “but” in it. They don’t encourage you but demotivate you. People will always try to bring you down but you have to keep trying. That’s what I keep in my mind. I think it’s important to protect your dream. I mean who would want to argue with people who didn’t have the courage to follow their dreams? It’s useless.

So, recently, when I thought that I finally had a story to tell, I started writing and sent it to 5 or 6 publishers. Guess, what? One of them rejected it. But that doesn’t prove that I’m a bad writer. That doesn’t mean that I should sit down, sulk and not write ever again. I’m glad that I tried. I’m glad that unlike some ‘writers’ (who only talk about writing and never write), I kept writing.

The thing is that it is important to be an optimist, if you really want to follow your dream. I don’t see the demotivating things in a situation. I focus on the positive things. Just like Wikipedia describes it , “Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), so that in some way that may not be fully comprehended the present moment is in an optimum state. The concept is extended to include the hope that future conditions will unfold as optimal.”

There are so many writers who got rejected initially and now, they are the best-selling authors. Dan Brown was told that his book was badly written. Life of Pi was turned down by 5 London publishers. Even J.K. Rowling was told to get a day job and not to rely on her writing career completely. If J.K. Rowling didn’t have the courage to follow her dreams, she wouldn’t be one of the most influential people of U.K. and there would be no Harry Potter. Imagine that horror, now.

Rejection is an imperative test of one’s character.

Hope is what I have. I hope that my writing will improve with time. I hope that one day I’d actually come out with my good story.

If you have been sulking lately because of some demotivating thing someone said, then, you need to see Larry Smith’s TEDx speech. It will really help you. He talks about why you will fail to have a great career and in the end, you’ll know why he’s saying this. Click here.

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