Book Review: The Nidhi Kapoor Story by Saurabh Garg

tnks Title: The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Author: Saurabh Garg

Genre: Crime Fiction

No. of Pages: 316

Synopsis:  As Goodreads explains, “Two dogs and a cat are butchered at the home of Nidhi Kapoor, a leading Bollywood actress. Left behind is a mysterious letter threatening Nidhi and her family.
Nishant Kapoor, Nidhi’s father and a superstar of the yesteryears is confined to a retirement facility in the hills. Tormenting him are his recurring dreams of someone trying to hurt him and his family.
A film set where Nidhi Kapoor is shooting for her much anticipated film goes up in flames. Trapped inside are Nidhi and her sister, Payal.
ACP Prakash Mohile is forced to take up the investigation. Rujuta Singh, a photojournalist chronicling the lives of policemen in Mumbai and shadowing Prakash, gets embroiled in the case.
Unwarranted incidents continue to happen and in absence of any real clues or motive, Prakash and Rujuta are forced to dig deeper in the past of the Kapoors. They unknowingly stumble onto a violent tale of lies, betrayal, treachery, infidelity and murder.
Time is running out fast and the unknown assailant is adamant on taking away from Nidhi everything that she holds dear – her career, her home, her reputation, her family and her life. With each move, he seems to be getting close. The answers however continue to elude Prakash and Rujuta.
What is it in their past that Kapoors are hiding from the world?
What grudge does the assailant hold against the Kapoors?
And, can they save Nidhi?”

Review: Crime Fiction has always been my favorite genre. So when the posts of ‘The Nidhi Kapoor Story’ started filling my Facebook homepage, I got really curious to read it. An Indian author, writing a Crime Fiction and not a Love Story, how could I have missed it? Just when I was thinking to buy the book, I got an e-mail from the author for the book review request and I immediately accepted it. I was like ‘wow’. (Lucky me)

Talking about the book, the story moves forward like a movie. The reader gets introduced to different characters. The author gives you a peek into every character’s past to make you familiar with them. While reading it, you feel like you are watching a Bollywood movie. And that’s not a negative comment. In fact, I think that The Nidhi Kapoor Story would make a good Bollywood movie plot, better than any meaningless Salman Khan movie.

Although, the title suggests that the story is about Nidhi Kapoor but it moves around Rujuta, mainly. But then, ‘The Nidhi Kapoor Story’ is obviously better than something like ‘Rujuta and the case of Nidhi Kapoor’. The story is good and as you read it, you get to know more about the Kapoor family’s dark secrets. Then, you get to read those incidents that you didn’t expect to happen, making you feel like ‘what?’ ( I, actually, blurted it out while reading the story at a point.) Also, if you consider yourself a smart person, you’d be able to find the culprit before Rujuta. It’s always fun to guess the killer in fictional stories.

As a debut author, I think that Saurabh Garg has done a brilliant job. In fact, thanks for not writing another trashy love story. After seeing those trashy love stories making it to the list of Bestsellers, I had given up hope. I used to think that 21st century Indian writers can only write bad books on Romance genre. (of course, Literary Fiction writers aren’t included here). All the time that I had spent on those bad books, I regretted my decision and cursed the author for destroying Indian Literature. They target a particular group of readers and write about Romance because it sells faster than any other genre.

In fact, there are very less crime fictions by Indian authors in Indian market. But I’m glad to see a debut author bringing a change. I think it would become a bestseller in some months because every Indian reader isn’t stupid.



Yes, I’d recommend it. You wouldn’t regret reading this book.


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