The Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening by L.J.Smith| Book Review

tvd1 Title: The Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening

Author: L.J.Smith

Genre: Fantasy

No. of Pages: 199

Story line: So we all know the story plot because of the famous The Vampire Diaries show. Elena is the famous pretty girl of the school who always gets what she wants. Stephen is the new mysterious boy in the school who doesn’t converse much with people and he is clearly not interested in making some friends. Elena wants him but Stephen is a hard to get guy. Although, she gets him by the end of the story. And obviously, there is Damon Salvatore in the story, the brother of Stephen. The Salvatore brothers hide a dark secret from people. The secret is that they both are vampires. Stephen is the noble one and Damon carries the ‘bad guy’ image. They both share a strained relationship. They both have a past. Past is Katherine. Elene is a lookalike of Katherine. Now, Damon and Stephen, both want Elena.

Thoughts: Hmmm….so I picked this book up because of the TV show, since I’m more into books than movies or TV shows. The book is quite different from the TV show (I’ve watched only one season). Elena doesn’t have a brother but a four-year old sister. Caroline doesn’t have much role in the book. Damon and Stephen past is little different from what they showed on the show.

About the story, it becomes pretty clear when you read the book that the author wrote it to drag the story to some more books. The Vampire Diaries is a series of 10 books. The Awakening is the first book of the series. The story is pretty average. In fact, it has nothing interesting in it. The author has been able to drag the simple story till the end because of her power of beautiful writing. Book one only describes the beginning of the whole series that Elena is a protagonist who is a human and her boyfriend is a Vampire who has a strained relationship with his vampire brother Damon because of their past.

What I think about this book is that if you plan to read the whole series, then don’t expect much from Book One as it doesn’t have much to tell. It’s just the beginning of the whole story. I think the real story starts from the second book. Book One is like the background of the whole story. Hence, it’s not easy to judge this book. But I’m not gonna give up on this book. I plan to read other books too.


2As of now, I’m gonna give the average rating to this book. It’s neither bad nor good. It’s just a beginning.


2 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries #1: The Awakening by L.J.Smith| Book Review

    • You’re welcome. Goodreads showed so many bad reviews of the book and I was thinking ‘you can’t judge the series by one book only.’ I plan to complete the entire series.

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