breakfree Everyone has their own definition of family. Family is supposed to be a place where you can always go to because the doors are always open. There is mother to give you love, father to protect you and siblings with whom you can fight for the chocolates and the TV remote. People say that family is the most important thing in life. Why? Because family is family. No matter what.

But there are people who still feel alone despite of having a family. They are always lonely. It’s like there is no one to support them or to encourage them. They are always on their own. For them, family is like just ‘ some different people staying under the same roof’- in tension. There is no sense of love or support. May be, ‘Family’ is just a word for them.

Life seems like a struggle. Because they are alone in this world, all the time. It becomes difficult to trust others. But what can we say- “we can choose our friends but we can’t choose our family”.

But a point comes in their life when they don’t want to breakdown but break free. Break free from the cage. Break free – to go out, to leave everything behind, to start new beginnings, to make some changes. Because they have had enough. Not anymore.

Alone? But haven’t they always been on their own?

(It’s like freedom)


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