Empty Arms by Erika Liodice- A Book Review and A Giveaway

Empty Arms cover

Title: Empty Arms

Author: Erika Liodice

No. of Pages: 326

Genre: Contemporary, Family, Relationships, Realistic Fiction

Story line: Empty Arms is a story of a 39 year old woman, Catharine Chase, who can’t be a mother and the reason is her ‘unexplained infertility’.  Catharine carries a secret inside her. The secret is that she got pregnant at the age of sixteen. Catharine was forced to give up her daughter and now she can’t become a mother. After 23 years, when she is married and her husband is forcing her to adopt a baby, she decides to search for her only daughter whom she misses everyday and whom she never wanted to give up. So Catharine risks her job, her marriage and everything to find her daughter whom she named Emily. Will she find her? Will her mother help her, the same mother who forced her to give up Emily? What about her husband? Does he know about Catharine’s past? Will he help? Even if she did find Emily, how will she react? Will Emily not hate her for abandoning her 23 years ago? What will happen in Catharine’s life?

Thoughts: Do you,bookworms, know the feeling when you start reading a book and you just can’t put it down? Well, that’s how I describe this novel. After a very long time, I came across  a novel which I couldn’t put down. I started reading it and I wanted to read more and more and more. I was hooked to it.

About the story, I can’t believe that this is the debut novel of the writer. It’s written beautifully. I loved the author’s writing. It’s too good. Through the story of Catharine Chase, Empty Arms tells the story of every women who was forced to give up her baby at the time when teen pregnancy was an issue of embarrassment in the society, back in the seventies. It tells you their pain, their journey and how they were treated. Catharine is a very strong character. She was willing to overcome every obstacle that came in her way. She was willing to fight for her daughter. In fact, every character in the story is important. Also, the story is not just a simple story of a mother searching for her daughter. Now, wouldn’t that be too mainstream? In fact, it never fails to surprise you. You think you have predicted the story right but then it surprises you.

In a nutshell, it’s a beautiful story. I loved reading it. Thank you, Erika Liodice for giving me a copy of the book. I enjoyed it a lot. 

Who should read it? Any bibliophile can enjoy it. It’s a beautiful story. Also, if your fate was anything like Catharine Chase, then you MUST read this novel.



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Since Empty Arms is available in Audio book so the author is giving away the audio book version of the book.

The giveaway is of 10 days. Enter as soon as possible. 

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