I’m a duck


So, it has been a long time and I haven’t been posting any PERSONAL post as I have been busy and the blog is becoming more like a book tours blog day by day since I have been getting so many book tours request, which is a good thing by the way, but I feel like writing today. Also, this post is gonna be a very random post.

This post is inspired by my friend’s obsession with some cute animals and especially potatoes. So this friend of mine is really obsessed with potato jokes and cartoons that she believes that she,herself, is like a potato since she has a wobbly stomach. HAHAHA…I KNOW THAT IS VERY FUNNY.



But I’M A DUCK. 

I’m a duck because I have the kind of lips that when they move while talking I try so hard to keep them normal but they always become like a duck’s lips. But no, I don’t have a duck face. lol


Secondly, I think we should be like a duck. Because ducks stay calm and composed but they all struggle under the water. We know that we all fight our own battle inside. We all struggle inside but it’s necessary to stay calm from the outside, like a duck.



Image Source: Google  




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