Technical Support by Marnie Skipper Book Review

cover tech support 3


 Title: Technical Support

Author: Marnie Skipper

Genre: Detective Fiction, Murder Mystery, Crime Fiction, Suspense Thriller

No of Pages: 56

Story line: Sam Davis is the owner of the Davis Industries, a multi-million dollar software corporation. One night, someone comes into his office and kills him. Detective Moira Sanders and Jonathan Roberts are called to investigate the case. Now, the prime suspects are his son-in-law,Jim Carpenter and his business rival Trevor Smith. But there is much to the story. There are twist and turns. So who could have killed Sam Davis? Why would someone kill him? Was it for a personal reason? Was it for a professional reason? Was it revenge for something?

Thoughts: As the name suggests, this story isn’t about something related to technology. In fact, it’s a murder mystery. Technical Support is a novella. It’s only a 56 pages story in which a murder happens and the detectives have to unravel the case. 

What I think is that as for a short story, this was a good book. It is an easy and light read. I liked the writing part of the story. The author has written it pretty well. So, for suspense lovers, you can sit with it and can finish it in an hour. You don’t need days or hours for it. I just wish that the author had chosen a better name for it as to attract more readers since the name is completely different from what the book has to offer. It’s different from the genre of the story.  

Who should read it? Anyone can read it. It’s an interesting short story. Anyone will enjoy it. After all, it’s a murder mystery, the suspense will keep your interest.



As a 56 pages story, this was an easy and interesting read. 

I had got this book from the author for a book review. Thank you Marnie Skipper. I enjoyed it. 🙂


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