“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” – Arthur Miller

Trust is a luxury these days. We can’t afford it. If someone breaks our heart once, it becomes difficult to trust others. In fact, it is difficult to survive in this world. You can’t show your emotions. You have to hide your weakness. You can’t trust people. Being vulnerable is not an option. We have to wear the mask. The mask of being strong.

And when we choose to be vulnerable, when we let down our guards, when we decide to trust someone, sadly the only thing we get in return is ‘BETRAYAL’.

Betrayal can be small or big. Betrayal can be from a friend or it can be from your sibling but betrayal is a betrayal. When someone betrays you, you feel lonely. Everything seems like a lie. It takes time to move on. It takes time to absorb all the pain. Then, we have to carry it all inside our heart and wear the mask.

In these moments, we learn to be strong in real. We become a strong person.

And then we say to ourselves,

‘We come in this world alone and we leave it alone’

Because everything else is a delusion.


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