A Study in Scarlet Book Review


Title: A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes #1)

Series: Sherlock Holmes

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

No of Pages: 108

Genre: Detective Fiction, Mystery

Storyline: Dr. Watson has returned from Afghanistan to London, after getting injured in the war, and he runs into an old friend and tells him that he’s looking for someone to split the rent. That’s when Sherlock Holmes steps into Watson’s life. They both start living in the flat 221B in Baker Street.


Now, Sherlock Holmes is a Consulting Detective and police often comes to him to solve murder mysteries. Sherlock is an eccentric man and in the initial days, Watson actually studies him to know him better.

Lestrade comes to him. A murder has happened. A man’s dead body is found in a house where no one lives. There are no sign of struggle. The man isn’t physically hurt. The only clues are the wedding ring and the word written on a wall with blood- RACHE. What does it mean?


Sherlock Holmes decides to solve the mystery and takeS John Watson with him.

Thoughts: First of all, unlearn everything you have learnt from the BBC show. It’s not study in pink but study in scarlet. The book is always different from the shows or movies. The novel is written in two parts. The first describes about the murder and the case but the second part takes a different path. The second part is about the murderer. Then, finally you see the connection between the two parts. The story is good just like some murder mystery. It may not sound extra ordinary.

But the extra ordinary thing about the novel is the Detective. When you reach the last chapter, you finally realize that why Sherlock Holmes is the most famous fictional sleuth in detective fictions. Sherlock will leave you dumbstruck with the way he will explain his science of deduction and his way of unraveling the mysteries.

Who should read this? Anyone can read it and I’m sure that they’ll enjoy the novel. Plus, if you are into detective thrillers, you just can’t miss the Sherlock Holmes Series.

Book Rating


GOOD. No one would regret reading it.


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