The Promise by Nikita Singh Book Review


Title: The Promise

Author: Nikita Singh

No of Pages: 240

Genre: Romantic Fiction

Story line: Shambhavi is an interior designer who works with a firm and her boss, Arjun, is a loner and well more like Christian Grey. Don’t bring the erotic image in your mind. They both somehow fall for each other. But something happens that makes Arjun leave Shambhavi. That something is his past. Arjun’s past still haunts him and he is unable to move on from the pain. So will he be able to keep his promise he made to Shambhavi? A promise to stay together? A promise to love her always?

Thoughts: A chirpy girl and a serious guy who has lost his family and is a loner. Reminds you of something? Jab we met? Fifty Shades of Grey? Of course, passe pattern of love stories. You know what’s gonna happen next. The girl will come in the guy’s life and will try to bring back happiness in his life and the two will eventually fall in love. To make the story a bit interesting, the author didn’t leave any stone unturned. But sadly, the novel sounds like some Bollywood movie with full of drama. A novel should sound like a novel, not a movie. I am not a sucker for melodrama so I obviously didn’t like it. On every chapter I felt like as if I was reading a script of some 90s bollywood movie. I don’t know why I bothered to read this but I wanted to read this author’s work. So I’m not gonna pick her book again. Although there is one good thing about the writing. The author explained every emotion or feeling in a beautiful way. So the writing is good but the story is disappointing.

Who should read it? Someone who reads good novels or serious literature SHOULD NOT pick this book up. Amateur readers or teenagers can give their time to this novel if they are into melodrama or love stories. Obviously, these kind of books aim for a certain age group to become bestseller.


1  Meh!



2 thoughts on “The Promise by Nikita Singh Book Review

    • Yeah, that’s the thing about some writers, they write somewhat good but their stories are dull. Also, how they interpret the story.
      Thank you. I’m glad you liked the review. 🙂

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