What I think about Revenge Season 3 Finale


I ended the Season 3 of REVENGE. It’s one of my favorite TV show. So, revenge is about Emily Thorne (Amanda Clarke basically) whose father was framed for a terrorist attack on a plane by the Grayson family. Amanda was sent to foster home and somehow she ended up in a Juvenile Jail while David was sentenced to life imprisonment. David dies and leaves a box full of his journals that explained the truth to Amanda. Now, Amanda decides to avenge his father’s death and becomes Emily Thorne.

[Spoiler Alert]


I have been watching this show for a while. (I rarely watch tv shows or movies) This show has been really good from the episode 1. The season finales are always good that compels you to watch the show further.


Emily has been working so hard to avenge his father’s death and to clear his name. We, the audience, have been waiting for so long to see when Emily will finally end her mission. In the last episodes, everything falls to its place. Conrad confesses everything to Charlotte, oblivious to the fact that he is being taped and his tape ends up on the news channels. David name is finally cleared.



Talking about Victoria, she ends up in a mental hospital. Emily did great. But everything comes with a price. Sadly, Aiden dies in the end as he was poisened by Victoria (I don’t understand why everyone is dying on my favorite tv shows. First, Brody in Homeland and now, Aiden in Revenge).


So this Conrad somehow manages to get out of the jail, only to get stabbed on the road by someone from his past. You wanna know who that someone is? You won’t believe. It’s David Clarke.


So, Emily has been avenging his father’s death who is not even dead. David Clarke is alive. Whattttaaaay season finale!!!!! A season which started with Emily getting shot by someone. A season which started with a season which implied that Emily is going to die. This season is ending with Conrad’s demise and Victoria in a nuthouse. Just to reveal that David is not dead. Where has he been all this time? Why didn’t he show up earlier? How did he escape prison? Who helped him? Didn’t he think about Amanda for once when he could secretly send letters to Victoria & Charlotte? This is not the END. Eagerly waiting for Season 4.


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