Joy of Journaling

Image When people write diary, they intend to KEEP it for life. They don’t think about things like ‘what if it will get lost somewhere?’ or ‘What if it will get destroyed in water or by fire?’.

I’m sure that they don’t ask themselves what if they will be the person who will destroy it? Do they?

I do. I am one of those persons who write diary just to find myself destroying it one day. At first, I didn’t understand it but later I accepted this fact and found an answer.

On asking, What’s the use of writing diary when in the end you have to tear it apart? Is a diary not a collection of all the memories?


I always end up tearing my diaries. A diary isn’t something that is supposed to stay with you till the end. A diary is written to pen down your feelings. It is indeed a collection of the good and bad memories. We should get rid off them. Good memories makes you nostalgic. It.makes you yearn to go back. It.connects you with the past. It compels you to live in past. I don’t live in past. I prefer living in the present. Life is all about moving on. Regarding the bad memories, we should forget about them. We should just take our lessons from the past’ mistakes and move on with life.
After all this, if we feel like tearing up all the pages so we should. We should be free to do that. We should do what we feel like (if it’s not harming anyone).

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Joy of Journaling

  1. I might occasionally look back over something to remind myself, but no, generally it’s all written for the sake of writing – collecting my thoughts together, or getting something off my chest/mind. I’ve yet to discard a diary though.

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