The (In)Eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra| Book Review


Title: The (In) Eligible Bachelors

Author: Ruchita Misra

Publisher: Rupa and Co.

No. of Pages: 242 pages

Genre: Chick Lit (Desi/ Indian Chick Lit)

Storyline: Kasturi is a 24 years old management professional who works in Delhi, India. Her mother wants her to get married soon and she keeps fixing meetings one by one. Kasturi is single who is not at all interested in arranged marriages and soon, she falls in love with her boss. Dr. Purva is one of the guy who was chosen by Kasturi’s mother for her as a suitable match and he brings a twist in the story too. This story is about Kasturi and how much she hates arranged marriages. Although she doesn’t want to get married but sees guys for the sake of her mother. So, what will happen to Kasturi? Will she get married? Who will she choose- her boss or Purva?

Thoughts: The story is written in a diary writing style. Although it has many conversations. This book is like an Indian version of Bridget’s Jones Diary. Kasturi’s mother is like Mrs. Bennet of Pride and Prejudices whose only wish is to get her daughter married to a guy with a good job. The novel shows the mindset of Indian parents who think that after their children get settled in life, the only thing that remains in their lives is marriage. So they find ‘soulmates’ for their children. ufff…..this concept of Indian Arranged Marriages. -_-

The story is way too filmy like some bollywood movie, with all that drama and things. So while reading it you can imagine Kasturi singing and dancing like Kajol of DDLJ with some bollywood music in your mind. Yeah…that filmy. Predictable- Yes. Very Predictable. Cliched boss and secretary love affair. The cliched happy ending like some rom-com bollywood flick. The writing is funny and way too girly.

It’s just a one time read. If you want some easy book or a chick lit to read, read it. Talking about chick lits, Indian women can still do better. After all, our lives don’t revolve around arranged marriages or make up only.These kinds of books are best for teenagers.

Ratings: 2



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