Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark by Tilly Bagshawe| Book Review


Title: Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark

Author: Tilly Bagshaw

Publisher: Harper Collins

No. of pages: 304

Genre: Crime Fiction/ Mystery Thriller

Story line: The wealthy Andrew Jakes is murdered and his wife, Angela is brutally raped in LA. Homicide Detective Danny McGuire of LAPD is appointed this case. Gazing into the deep innocent eyes of his wife, Detective Danny decides to find the psychopath and becomes obsessed with the case and with Angela. But within some days, Angela disappears.

Now, after ten years, with a new life in France, new job with Interpol and his wife, he is a happy person again who is trying to forget the past. But one day Matt Daley comes to meet him to talk about his father’s murder. Matt is the son of Andrew Jakes’ first wife. He tells Danny about the three more murders around the world similar ti his father’s murder. The murders follow the same pattern in which victims were old and millionaires, newly wed to a young girl and the wife brutally beaten and raped. In each case, the wife donates the money to the children’s charity and goes vanished. The case never gets solved. The case always remains a mystery. Can Danny will re open the case after being haunted with his past? Will he compromise with his new life and marriage just to find Angela Jakes or to solve this mystery? Will Matt and Danny catch the murderer? Who is this psychopath? A woman? A man? After all, where do these wives go? Why do they donate the money? Are these murders related to each other?

Thoughts: Tilly Bagshawe wrote this novel from the notes of late Sidney Sheldon. Although the novel is a complete page-turner but it still has some unsolved questions. The story is pretty good. You can’t put it down. Every time, you feel like read and read and read more as to find the answers to your question. Well, mystery thrillers are always interesting. The story becomes predictable at some point. But in the end you realize that you were wrong. The writer leaves a question in your mind and leaves it on you to use your ‘grey cells’ and decide ‘what actually happened?’ or ‘Who did it?’.

So, if you are into Suspense stories or crime thrillers, pick this book up. I give this book 3 stars as a lot of stuff goes unanswered.

Ratings: 3


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