Through The Looking Glass| Book Review


Title of the book: Through the looking glass and what Alice found there

Author: Lewis Carroll

 Publishing Year: 1897

My edition of the book: Worldview Critical Editions

Through The Looking Glass is a sequel of Alice’s adventure in wonderland.

Story Line: Alice is inside a mirror this time. Inside the mirror is an upside down world where every inanimate thing has turned into animate thing, where in order to reach something Alice has to move away from it. It’s a different world where flowers talk and butterflies are bread-and-butter flies who survive on weak tea with cream and where dragon fly is of wood. The Looking glass world belongs to the chess pieces. It is a chess game inside it. Alice is a pawn and has to reach the eighth square to become a queen. In her journey to the eighth square, Alice meets many characters of the nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee etcetera.

 My Opinion: Since I’m a literature student so this section will sound more like a critical analysis as I spent a whole night to make notes on the analysis. So be ready for that. There are two ways of reading this book. It’s all about the interpretation. For some people, it’s a children literature and for some, it’s a serious literature. It can be read to children as a bedtime story and for that, you just have to read the printed words and think nothing. But if you really want to understand this book, then you’ll have to read between the lines. The book is comical where nursery rhymes’ characters and adults make no sense and talk nonsense and Alice is more sensible being a child. You will enjoy reading it and it will make you laugh. On the other hand, it is a very complicated book where you don’t get things straight. It is a matrix of Carroll’s unique absurd humor and is considered a master piece because of its indefinableness on which the Carrollian comedy depends. Where at one side, it makes you laugh; on the other side, it is a metaphor of Victorian childhood and allegory of many other things.

 It isn’t a book specifically for some people. It can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of their age group. It’s for children as well as for adults. Of course, they both have their own way of reading the story. I like this book because of the way it is written, at times, it is funny & simple and at times, it is complicated. So I think that this book, obviously, deserves five stars. It is a must read.



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