Book Review|Heartbeat by Danielle Steel

Heart Beat

Danielle Steel is an American novelist with over 800 million copies sold. She is considered as the fourth bestselling author of all time. Usually, her books are about rich family facing a bad phase of life or sometimes, a couple going through a hard time.


Heartbeat is one of her novel which was written in 1991. It tells the story of two people who face the heartbreak of their spouses leaving them. Bill Thigpen, is a writer producer of the daytime TV Drama who gets so busy in his work that soon he starts to neglect his family. He becomes a workaholic and his marriage collapses. His wife leaves him in the end alone. He decides to stay alone in his life later with some casual and sexual flings sometimes.

On the other hand, there is Adrian Townshed, a TV production assistant. She thinks her life is perfect with a handsome husband, a good job and money. Her life is like an American dream. Just perfect. Until she gets pregnant. She has to face the difficult situation when she is asked to make a choice between the baby or her husband. Since her husband doesn’t want a child. Confused by this misery, she chooses the baby and that’s when her marriage starts to collapse.

After this point, the story takes a new twist, when she collides with a man in the supermarket. Who is none other than Bill. That’s where the story starts. They both find a soul mate in each other. But the story doesn’t end with this since Adrian is still confused and her final divorce hasn’t taken place. So, will she give her husband another chance? Will she choose to stay with Bill?

That’s how Steel touches the heartbeat of two people and tells you their love story. Story about their past, about their marriage, the sufferings and how they soon end up finding solace in each other’s hearts.

 The book is well written. While reading it, sometimes you feel like shouting at Adrian to stop being an idiot and to be more practical in life. The story is good, but way too predictable. It has an Indian love story touch in it. It is a bit dramatic too.

 So, for the ones, who are Steel’s fans and who like to read love stories, you should go for it.This book is for those people who like to read stories of unconditional love and drama. It will not disappoint you.

 For me, the book is really good. I like the way how she had written and presented the story; the bond and the love shown between the two main characters is beautiful.



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